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When you’re choosing an IT support provider, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Demand for IT services is growing all the time, whether it’s for in-house network support or managed services. However, there’s something you might be forgetting when you’re looking for the right IT support – the human element.

Below, we consider why the humans behind your IT are so important, and what you should consider when you’re choosing an IT support partner for your company.

What is IT support?

Businesses are increasingly reliant on IT. We use technology for everything, from making calls to checking company data. The problem is that IT can be complicated and time-consuming – software and hardware malfunction frequently, and the technology’s constantly evolving.

So IT support works with you to resolve problems and make work easier and more productive.

Key service aspects of IT support

Put simply, the most crucial part of IT support is the human side. While the technology side of IT support is important, it’s vital that you find a service provider that is a good “fit” for your company. Here are 6 important things to look out for.

1. Responsiveness

A great IT provider must communicate clearly and in language the average office employee can understand. They should respond to issues quickly, and they must be able to work effectively under pressure.

The question to ask: “What’s your process for handling incidents?”

2. Availability

IT issues can occur around the clock, not just during business hours. You might not need a 24/7 IT support company, but you must feel comfortable that someone will be available whenever you really need them. Clarify availability expectations before signing a contract.

The question to ask: “How do you handle emergencies after business hours?”

3. Efficiency

When employees raise IT support tickets or an emergency arises, IT support staff should have a clear process for responding, communicating and resolving every kind of issue.

The question to ask: “Describe your process for handling support requests and delivering solutions.”

4. Proactive partnership

An IT support provider should be proactive in meeting your needs. When they’re not working on support requests, they should be thinking of ways to improve your IT processes, your system, and your cybersecurity.

The question to ask: “How can you support my long-term technology goals?”

5. Planning and recovery

It’s important that an IT support company has a sound plan for data storage, access, and backup. Make sure the provider knows how and where your data is stored, how you use your data, who can access your data, and how they’ll protect you against data loss.

The question to ask: “How do you handle data recovery and backup?”

6. Experience

Above all, IT support should be experienced enough to handle any network project you throw at them. They should know how to draft and manage a comprehensive IT policy, as well as a migration plan, and they should be up-to-date on the latest IT innovations. And that experience should translate to results for you.

The question(s) to ask: “Who have you worked with before, and what did you achieve for them?”

Top tips

Since the “human” side of an IT support partnership is so important, here are a few takeaway suggestions for choosing the right company for you.

Consider your business needs

Your relationship with an IT support provider is personal to your company. Consider what your business needs from an IT provider and the kind of relationship you’re looking for, and only consider providers who can offer these things. Focusing on what you want makes the process less overwhelming.

Ask questions

A great IT provider is ready and willing to answer whatever questions you have for them. Don’t be afraid to ask clarifying questions and make sure you know exactly what you’re getting from the provider – and what’s required from your team to make it happen.


Your IT service provider should help you devise an IT solution flexible enough to cope with changing business needs. However, it doesn’t hurt to reassess the support you’re offered every once in a while to ensure it’s still serving your company.

Contact MCA Technology Solutions to find out more about finding the right IT support partner for your business.