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Relationships, the ultimate business advantage.

Join MCA’s Director of Technical Services, James Bender, as he shares some insight into the changing technology landscape and how he sees customer relationships evolving in our industry.

What concerns do you have in regards to tech companies that don’t know the importance of building customer trust?

Too often I find myself apologizing to new customers for what a previous IT (Information Technology) company oversold them.  It’s not a thing I find any joy in, because it genuinely hurts the perception of IT sales.   My goal is to understand your business, your growth, and guide you along the decision path.   But too often I have found customers with bleeding-edge technology, systems unused, and excessive technology platforms that only increased cost, complexity, and risk.   None of these fancy tech-tools added any competitive advantage to the customer.

Why is it so important to foster strong business relationships?

Relationships, tend to be very powerful in a competitive market.   People don’t do business with companies, they do business with other people.  I’m not drawn to a product or service from someone driving a fancy car.  I’m drawn to a product or service from a company that has a track record of longevity, integrity, and a deep appreciation for my business.

When I think about how we maintain relationships, I think about the technology used to foster them.  Especially now more than ever.  Most of the world was forced into working from home, cell phones, video conferences, face-time sessions, and collaborating with each other at all times of the day.

How can technology support business relationships?

How we leverage technology to build and maintain these relationships is key.  I have several customers in third-party-logistics and freight.  Relationships are everything.  The ability to respond quickly to an operator is critical, the speed to post and search for loads is critical, the ability to benchmark and sell competitively is critical.  But at the end of the day, you aren’t building a relationship with a truck, you are building a relationship with a driver, a carrier, a shipper.  You’re now as critical to their business as they are to yours.

At MCA, our desire is to develop a long lasting relationship with each of our customers.

Doing the right thing never goes out of style.

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