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Karen Collins

Compassionate, generous and supportive, Karen loved and took care of the MCA family. Karen made MCA a better place to work.

Karen Collins

From the Beginning

Without Karen Collins, there would be no MCA.

With steadfast support and unconditional love, Karen encouraged Mike to follow his dream. So in 1987, they founded MCA. They worked side by side for 29 years.

Karen never wavered in her dedication. She believed in her husband and their dream for the MCA family. Karen’s leadership laid the foundation for MCA to grow, to prosper, and to excel through the coming decades.

Karen’s Influence on MCA

Karen is still the heartbeat of the company she helped create. Her love, beauty and drive for excellence are the lifeblood of MCA. As co-author of the MCA Core Values, Karen’s spirit and wisdom are woven into the fabric of the company. Even her touch and sophisticated style are evident in the aesthetics of the offices.

Compassionate, generous and supportive, Karen loved and took care of the MCA family, always treating it as her own. Karen was wise and insightful, always willing to listen. She was quick to say “good job,” “well done” or “I am proud of you.” Karen made MCA a better place to work.

Her Legacy Lives On

Karen’s cheerful smile lit up the room. A devoted mother and grandmother, she exhibited an unconditional love that changed lives. Karen made a difference where it truly counted—with the person. The way Karen lived every day was a compelling witness to her Christian faith, which drew everyone she encountered to look toward Jesus Christ.

Karen Collins Legacy Lives On

During her battle with cancer, more worried about others than herself, Karen and Mike founded the non-profit Karen Collins Un-Teal There is a Cure. The mission of that foundation is to “provide hope through ovarian cancer research.”

Karen fought with grace and dignity, continuing to give hope to others throughout her battle. Karen’s legacy will live on through the lives touched by her love.

Client Success Stories

See Rock City Gardens

The number one thing I have found with working with MCA is the integrity. Every single person I have worked with are people of integrity and character. They not only care about the business they work for, but they care about the business of their partners

Ty Cooper
Technical Services Manager LLP

River City Company

I give MCA 10 points on their communication! What I love is that they have been very responsive and anytime we’ve had an issue or a glitch or a question on how we do something, they get back to us quickly or even come over and see us. I think the team at MCA is very similar to River City Company. We’re both very community and customer oriented. The fact that they don’t speak in ‘computer geek’ language and we understand, is very important to us.

Kim White