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On September 17, 2020, the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce held its annual business awards ceremony. During that awards ceremony, MCA received the Family Friendly Workplace Award. This is a tremendous honor for MCA and we want to thank the Chamber for choosing us and most importantly we want to thank Mike Collins for creating an awesome work environment! Without the vision and love of Mike and Karen Collins, MCA would not be the company and workplace it is today. They created not just a business but a support system for our employees and their families.

Here is what the Chamber said about MCA:

It’s all in the family at Mike Collins & Associates.

Owner Mike Collins says MCA is its own Hotel California — once you check in, you never check out. And why would you want to at a special place like MCA?

Husband and wife team Mike and Karen Collins founded their technology solutions company on the premise that business is about more than profitability. It’s also about fun, taking care of each other and celebrating achievements.

After more than 30 years of putting people first, the company has plenty of employees with tenures of 10, 20, and even 30 years. They reward 10-year anniversaries with a celebration cruise – and now they’ve cruised their way to some well-deserved recognition.

Let’s hear it for a company where family comes first, and industry excellence follows.

Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce – September 2020

We are thankful to the Chamber for recognizing us with this award and continue to strive to provide the best work environment for our employees. One of our core values is our team and it reads: People are our most valuable assets. We’re passionate about retaining and developing the best talent available. We treat team members with respect, providing an environment where diverse individuals have all the resources they need to perform to their full potential.

Here are some fun pictures of our employees at past MCA parties.

“I am so honored to receive this award. A family-first environment is what Karen and envisioned 33 years ago when we founded MCA. Of all the recognition MCA has received over the last 33 years, the Family Friendly Workplace award is number one for me.”

MIke Collins, President of MCA