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You Deserve Better

A lot of business leaders aren’t happy with their current IT support. Response times are slow. There’s no emphasis on business strategy. The technology is outdated, inconvenient or it just doesn’t work

Does any of that sound familiar?

If so, we’d like to introduce you to a better way to experience managed services. The MCA family is dedicated to delivering IT support that leaves our clients delighted. We’ll help you find ways to use technology to grow your business, and we’ll leave a smile on your face at the same time.

What You Get With MCA’s Managed Services

  • Onsite support of your hardware and software to ensure that everything is running as it should
  • Offsite backup and disaster recovery support to protect you against data loss
  • A team of experienced experts, ready and willing to answer your questions and resolve any issues
  • Comprehensive, strategic consultation to make sure you always have the technology you need

The 3 Ps Of Managed Services

You can’t have worthwhile managed services without the right ingredients. At MCA, we take three things into account. When these three areas are covered, you’re set up for IT support that really can propel your business forward.

You can’t have worthwhile managed services without the right ingredients. At MCA, we take three things into account. When these three areas are covered, you’re set up for IT support that really can propel your business forward.



We have a reliable process that’s been tested and proven over decades of service. Even when things are chaotic, we can quickly and calmly address issues, resolve problems and deliver solutions.



If there’s a tech tool you’re looking for, we have access to it. In fact, we probably have an expert on staff who can provide world-class support for it from day one. Tell us what you need and we’ll take care of it.



We keep everything local, including our data center. In fact, if you’re in Chattanooga, feel free to swing by our office. We’ll show you the actual drives where our clients’ files are securely stored.

“The biggest reason to adopt managed services is that this practice allows you to take control of your future. It is nearly impossible to plan for what you cannot predict. The predictability of managed services allows you to accurately forecast revenue, profits, labor requirements, scalability requirements and even geographic expansion. The ability to predict puts you in control of your destiny.”


Managed Services That Line Up With Your Priorities

IT Support That Matches Your Company Needs

You don’t have IT solutions just because you’re a fan of technology. You’re running a business. Every IT tool you use meets a business need. We get that—and our managed services aligns with those strategic needs.

Local Support

Yes, you’ll hear an accent when you call in to our support center. A proud Southern accent. Our offices and our support center are located in Tennessee. When you deal with us, you’re dealing with locals.

Say Goodbye to Long Wait Times

When something isn’t working, you can’t afford to wait days. You can’t even wait hours. You need a response as fast as possible. We pride ourselves on aggressive response times. We’re not going to log a ticket and forget about you.

No Question Left Unanswered

Don’t you hate it when a so-called expert fixes the issue but refuses to explain what went wrong or how it was resolved? We do, too. So we’ll make sure we answer each and every question you have. Ask away.

What Does Implementation Look Like?

Our philosophy of managed services begins with the firm belief that every piece of technology you use should meet a business need. So that’s where we start. We’ll gain an understanding of your goals, targets and challenges. Then we’ll assess your current network setup. We’ll offer recommendations, both for upgrades and for levels of support. Then we go to work . . . and you focus on growing your company!

Fast, Friendly and Efficient

What do you do when the manufacturer warranty on your IT hardware expires? If you’re looking for the easiest, most cost-effective option, you rely on MCA’s hardware and maintenance repair.

We pride ourselves on the best customer service possible. That means we’ll handle your hardware and maintenance repair issues with unparalleled commitment to complete resolution. We’ll be fast, friendly, efficient and always available to answer questions.

Let us do a free evaluation of your equipment to see which hardware maintenance and repair options align with your needs.

What Do You Get With Hardware Maintenance and Repair?

  • Same-day service available
  • In-stock parts
  • Online service call access
  • Manufacturer-certified technicians
  • Certified system engineers
  • Custom maintenance contracts
  • Loaner equipment available
  • Onsite service
  • Hardware and software deployment

Why Hardware Maintenance and Repair?

MCA is an authorized service provider in partnership with the region’s largest base of field engineers. Our hardware maintenance and repair services are a great alternative to extended warranties. We’ll help you extend your technology investment without breaking the bank.


An Affordable Option

Hardware maintenance and repair shouldn’t wipe out your budget. Keep your equipment in good working order—without taking out a loan!


Fast Turnaround Times

When your hardware isn’t working, you can’t get work done. That’s why we work hard to complete repairs as fast as possible.


Solid Expertise

Our technicians are experts in hardware maintenance and repair. You can trust us to get the job done right the first time, every time.

How Does Hardware Maintenance
and Repair Work?

We’re Here For You

We know communication and trust matter. You’ll always be able to talk to a technical support specialist from our support department. Plus, our support portal is available 24 hours a day.

Manufacturers can take weeks to turn around a repair and tracking progress can be rough. At MCA, we’re ready to handle hardware maintenance and repair with minimal wait. We give you the freedom to focus on your business.

Making a Good Thing Better

Hardware warranties take the guesswork out of equipment reliability. Even if something breaks, you know you’re covered for the repairs. That’s a relief.

Managing hardware warranties can be an epic task—especially when there’s a mix of manufacturers, third-party warranties and extended warranties. Just keeping it all straight is exhausting and time-consuming.

MCA’s hardware warranty management lets you kick back and avoid the legwork altogether.

What Do You Get With Hardware Warranties?

  • Complete warranty management across vendors, manufacturers and support providers
  • Options for extended warranties
  • A single point of contact for handling all warranty-related issues
  • Verification of coverage before you pay out of pocket for repairs
  • Unbiased third-party consultation regarding coverage, extensions and other options

Why Hardware Warranties?

Hardware warranties are great. Your IT equipment works, and if not, someone else repairs or replaces it. Who doesn’t want that assurance? The only problem is the hassle of keeping all your different warranties in order. That’s where we can help.


Seamless Repairs

Our goal is to make any hardware warranty repair or replacement process easy. If it happens without giving you a headache, we did our job.


Minimal Disruption

Every hour you spend tracking down warranty documentation is time you can’t get back. Focus on running your business. We’ll take care of the logistics.


Lower Costs

There’s no reason to waste your IT budget on repairs that your hardware warranties already cover. We can help you avoid those unnecessary expenses.

How Do Hardware Warranties Work?

The Easy Solution to an Unexpected Problem

Hardware warranties shouldn’t be a problem. They’re meant to ensure your equipment is reliable and long-lasting.

The problem with hardware warranties is that there’s a lot of information to track. And the more vendors you work with, the more retailers you buy from, the more manufacturers you rely on, the more paperwork there is.

MCA’s hardware warranty management simplifies the whole thing.

We Make the Process Easy

MCA understands what a lot of hardware sales and leasing companies don’t. The first step to creating a meaningful partnership is listening.

We want to hear about your business needs before we do anything else. Then, with a firm understanding of what you’re trying to accomplish, we’ll create a solution that works for your organization.

Stay within your IT budget without sacrificing an ounce of functionality.

What Do You Get With Hardware Sales and Leasing?

  • Budget-friendly options
  • Finance 100% of your technology solutions, if necessary
  • Take advantage of tax cut benefits
  • Immediately improve cash flow
  • Easy overhead planning and budgeting
  • Conserve capital

Why Hardware Sales and Leasing?

Our Account Executives know you can order IT equipment from anywhere. We’re not the only hardware sales and leasing game in town. But finding the right solution for your unique business needs may not be as simple as point and click. That’s why our expertise is so valuable.


Out With the Old

If you’re working with obsolete equipment, then it’s already past time to take action. We’ll help you determine what upgrades are actually needed.


Flexibility for Growth

Growing businesses have changing needs. Hardware sales and leasing gives you the option of changing equipment as your tech needs change.


More of The Best

There’s nothing like having the best tech tools available throughout your organization. Are you ready to unleash your team’s productivity potential?

How Does Hardware Sales
and Leasing Work?

Client Success Stories

See Rock City Gardens

The number one thing I have found with working with MCA is the integrity. Every single person I have worked with are people of integrity and character. They not only care about the business they work for, but they care about the business of their partners

Ty Cooper
Technical Services Manager LLP

River City Company

I give MCA 10 points on their communication! What I love is that they have been very responsive and anytime we’ve had an issue or a glitch or a question on how we do something, they get back to us quickly or even come over and see us. I think the team at MCA is very similar to River City Company. We’re both very community and customer oriented. The fact that they don’t speak in ‘computer geek’ language and we understand, is very important to us.

Kim White

Locations We Serve

For Today . . . and Tomorrow

Hardware sales and leasing isn’t just about giving you the best IT solutions available today. It’s also about setting you up for future growth

When you can upgrade equipment without wiping out your budget, you have all kinds of options. As your team grows, as industries change, and as new technology becomes available, you’re right there—equipped and ready to go.

Interested in Managed Services From MCA?