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When you choose an IT help desk provider, you want a partner who understands your business and supports your IT needs with minimal fuss. What should you expect from your help desk services, and how do you know when you’ve found the right fit for your company?

We’ve rounded up the six key features you should look out for in your IT help desk provider.

1. Unlimited full-time access

IT support shouldn’t end when the workday does. It’s not uncommon for problems to arise out of business hours, whether it’s a malware problem or a malfunctioning remote device. You shouldn’t expect to wait until morning for an answer from your help desk provider. Full-time availability (even 24/7 if you need that) means there’s a dedicated service member on hand whenever you need their support the most.

2. Multi-tenant for maximal coverage

An IT help desk provider shouldn’t be one-dimensional. The right provider offers you support at multiple levels, whether it’s on-site tech support or remote guidance. Multi-tenant providers ensure that technicians go where they’re needed most, maximizing coverage and keeping your business moving.

More importantly, good providers don’t stop at simply fixing the matter you’ve called about. They’ll ensure there’s nothing else they can help with – no problem is too small.

3. Branded teams who blend into your business

In branded teams, technicians share resources for additional coverage and maximal efficiency.  What’s more, these teams seamlessly integrate into your digital environment.

For example, they discreetly respond as a member of your company’s staff over the telephone or online, which provides an enhanced experience for your extended team members, partners or even customers. It also proves that the technicians are a natural extension of your team and that they’re constantly thinking of ways to collaborate with you.

4. Dedicated staff

There’s nothing more frustrating than calling a help desk, only to be told that everyone’s busy. This is what happens when providers fail to offer you dedicated staff who work for your business alone. The right IT help desk is on hand, on demand, waiting to help you at the times you dictate. You won’t wait in line with a customer-focused service provider.

5. In-house technicians

When technicians work in-house, they collaborate and exchange ideas. They know each business inside out, and they understand the company’s IT history, so there’s no need to repeat yourself. It’s frustrating to speak with someone who clearly doesn’t understand your business, and you’ll lose faith in the solutions they provide. That doesn’t happen with us – working with in-house tech staff means you’ll receive consistent, relevant support and guidance whenever you call.

6. The human experience

When you need IT support and you contact a help desk, you don’t want an answering machine. You don’t want automated messages and impersonal answering services. You expect a real person on the other end of the telephone, and the right help desk provider guarantees this personal level of support every time.

Speaking to a real person when you contact us guarantees you’ll get personalized tech support fast.

How MCA supports your help desk needs

At MCA, we understand how important it is to collaborate with our customers to offer the highest-quality IT support precisely when they need it most. From minor technical issues to out-of-hours support, we’re on hand 24/7 and ready to respond to every call.

With MCA, you don’t just get a help desk, you get a team who understands your business and what you need … when you need it. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.