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Customers Talk, We Listen

It is the goal of MCA to listen to our customers and base solutions on their goals and problems. We have the ability to address with creativity complex
and ambiguous problems across most any IT infrastructure including service, networking, security, and leasing. These case studies will give you some
idea of our capabilities and experience.

National Health Care Provider

A national health care provider discovered that remote facilities were experiencing difficulty in getting dependable onsite service on their I.T. hardware.
They needed a solution to help them keep their facilities functioning with minimal downtime.


  • Due to the facility locations being in remote areas onsite service was taking in some cases weeks to get end users functioning.
  • The quality of service they would receive would be very inconsistent.
  • The cost of onsite service was not cost effective due to extensive travel time and repeat trips for parts not in stock.

MCA Solution

MCA understands downtime is critical in any business and in their business it was vital to make sure that their hardware had minimal downtime. MCA began
to strategize with their I.T. department to develop a support system that would work for them. In doing so, MCA was able to customize a Depot Service
support system to fit their needs. Now, they are able to focus on their core business of taking care of their patients while MCA ensures that I.T.
Hardware is up and running with minimal downtime and at a price point that saved them a significant amount of money.

A Large Business

A large business with over 2,000 employees realized they were adding hardware every time they needed a new application. This was causing their physical
footprint to grow exponentially to keep up with their rapid growth and expansion. Maintaining the large amount of hardware was beginning to become
inefficient and the costs associated with this was affecting their business.


  • The Data Center was using a lot of physical resources that could potentially be used for other functionality.
  • The Hardware costs were quickly multiplying and systems were aging and becoming inefficient.
  • Being environmentally responsible the customer wanted to reduce their carbon footprint.
  • The customer needed redundancy in their server solutions so that downtime could be eliminated.
  • Backups among so many systems were becoming an issue to verify that they were being done properly among so many different systems.

MCA Solution

MCA understood the challenges that the customer faced and architected a solution that was able to address all of their concerns by utilizing new technology
and making it work for their unique scenarios. Partnering with MCA they were able to develop a solution that helped their business develop an I.T.
solution that was as advanced as their business needed it to be. With MCA managing the solution from development to integration they were able to continue
focusing on their core business.

A Small Business

A small business needed to upgrade their I.T. Hardware but the financial resources to pay for all of the equipment they would need was not in the budget.
The upgrade was vital to the growth of their business and essential in their ability to continue to be efficient and competitive.


  • Financial budgets were limiting capital necessary to grow their I.T. Hardware needed to support their growing business.
  • The customer needed a partner to help direct them towards the best solution for their I.T. Hardware solution.

MCA Solution

MCA was able to use an in-house leasing solution to help them finance their I.T. Hardware at a payment that their business could afford. In addition, the
business will be able to keep their I.T. Hardware current with a fixed payment and flexibility to upgrade every 3 years.

A Medium Size Business

A medium size business was becoming overloaded in their I.T. department with managing the support calls for their I.T. Hardware equipment. Downtime was
becoming apparent and costs were rising while they were trying to handle their growth. In addition, budgeting for unforeseen repairs was creating cash
flow issues within the organization.


  • Increased downtime due to increasing support needs of a growing company with additional I.T. Hardware failure.
  • Unforeseen expenses for I.T. Hardware update causing cash flow issues and budgeting nightmares.

MCA Solution

MCA was able to put together a complete I.T. Support Maintenance Contract solution with a fixed monthly price and with response time that would meet the
needs of the end users. In addition, MCA stocked parts for equipment in order to minimize downtime with a first time fix. With MCA as a new partner
cash flow significantly improved, service levels increased, and the customer was excited to begin to refocus their energy on their business.