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It isn’t unusual for small businesses to fail, especially in their first two years of operating. If you’re a small business owner, managing your budget and balancing costs is a big part of your day-to-day life. When it comes to IT costs, the decisions you make can save a lot of money.

Outsource some IT essentials

According to Glassdoor, the average wage for IT staff in the United States is over $74,000. Understandably, not all small businesses have room in their budget for a full-time staff member. At the same time, you can’t ignore the need to have an IT professional for some tasks.

One way to work around this is to outsource your IT essentials. In doing so, you’ll avoid wasting money on hiring someone you don’t need all the time while avoiding the losses that come with improper IT maintenance.

Slash the fancy web design, for now

It’s possible to achieve a professional-looking website without spending too much money for the privilege. If you’re adept at working with WordPress or you can at least install a template, you’ll have a slick web presence without the sophisticated price tag.

At the same time, you need to make sure any information your clients or customers submit via your site remains safe. Make sure you’re not using a low-cost approach to your web presence at the expense of data protection.

Adopt cloud-based services

Did you know that 67% of all enterprise infrastructure will be cloud-based by the end of 2020? If you’re not a cloud user yet, there’s never been a better time to switch.

Using cloud-based services helps your business save money in a lot of ways. When you have a reduction in hardware costs, you’re less likely to waste money on items that never get used. Additionally, using a cloud means you can cut overall overheads by allowing your employees to work from home occasionally. Providing you use an organization that’ll maintain your security, using cloud storage comes with far more advantages than disadvantages.

Boost your cybersecurity efforts to fight fines

Successful enterprises suffer from roughly 130 cybersecurity attacks each year. Each attack could potentially lead to millions of dollars in fines, which many small businesses cannot afford.

Because of the risks that come with cybersecurity attacks, this is an IT cost you need to prioritize. Using a security intelligence system is an efficient means of focusing only on the threats that are legitimate. When you use the right defenses, you can guard your organization against attacks without making your company inflexible.

Use AI technology only when necessary

A growing number of businesses are choosing to scale back on customer service costs by using AI bots instead. Rather than hiring a person to talk to, they use a bot that can answer most of the key questions, for less money.

Although AI technology seems like a wise investment at first, consider whether you need it right now before splurging on it. If you can get by with using existing members of your team to respond to customer queries, then do so. Otherwise, you might find yourself spending money on an advanced technology that your business isn’t ready for yet.

In the wonderful world of business IT costs, you have the chance to save money both by cutting and integrating services. At MCA Technology Solutions, we’re here to help you focus on what you value most. To discuss taking a budget-friendly approach to your business’s tech needs, contact us.