Cloud Hosting

The landscape of business today is shaky. It’s exciting but shaky. The way we use technology today changes every 8 months. More concerning is that business is changing substantially every 5 years.

More than just the abundance of new products or services, the element that’s changing is the way our business operates. It gives us the competitive edge to succeed, to scale, to win.It’s hard to work on your business when you’re trapped inside it.

Cloud-Hosting Solutions allow our customers to focus on their business and not on technology. Our Enterprise technology gives you the confidence that you are running on the best technology on the market, backed by the best technical support staff. Inherently Highly-Available systems means your servers, your data, your users are productive, accessible, and effective. Simple pricing models provide you with a true Technology Cost per employee, granting them access to work wherever, whenever, and with the latest technology available.

We don’t rebrand or sell you to Amazon or Microsoft. Your data is a call or knock away. With 24/7 support (also us), and field service engineers (us, again) servicing Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama, we are your trusted solutions provider. Contact MCA today and let us show a better way to do I.T.

MCA Cloud Hosting Solutions

  • Virtual Desktop
  • On-Premise Support
  • Remote Monitoring and Management
  • Hardware-as-a-Service
  • DataCenter Hosting and Co-Location
  • Microsoft Multi-Tenant Hosting

All email solutions are not created equal

We feel there’s a certain level of trust given to email hosting. It’s actually pretty critical when you think about it. We rely on email to organize meetings, provide updates, order product, and respond to time- sensitive bids. We rely on email so much that it updates continuously in our pocket every day. It’s that kind of trust that inspired us to build a geographically redundant Exchange Hosting platform.


Access your Desktop. Anytime. Anywhere.

We’ve taken the entire business technology environment and drastically simplified it. This allows our users to connect to a pool of redundant and dedicated computer systems to run your business applications. Microsoft Office, Quickbooks, SAGE, and yes SQL databases and their applications. Our approach is unique. We’ve seen our customers struggle every 3 years to keep up with technology. We understand that the cloud is really about the user, and how that user interacts with an application.

It starts with an evaluation, not a quote. To us, your business is much more important than bidding for the cloud. It really is understanding what you want to accomplish, and then we get to work. Through an in-depth assessment of your business, applications, and environment, we will give you a detailed approach on a Comprehensive Cloud-Hosting Solution. Our Virtual Desktop Solutions include RDP, VDI, or Application presentation using Microsoft RemoteApp. They include the options for Microsoft Office, Dynamics, Sharepoint, SQL, etc.

Our Exchange Hosted Solutions don’t come in levels, they come with features:

  • Microsoft Outlook Web Access
  • Microsoft ActiveSync Support for Mobile Devices
  • Microsoft
  • Premium AntiSpam and AntiVirus filtering
  • Email Encryption
  • Email Archival

It’s fully backed by the area’s leading Exchange Experts and 24/7 support. And we’re not afraid to publish our phone number (800.347.6950). Just try and find a phone number from the other guys. Email is important to us, that’s why it should be a knock away in the hands of someone you trust. Call MCA today to see how we can keep your inbox from going dark.